So, I've ordered two separate books for studying C#, and am sending them both back. One was Murach's C# 2005 and the other is Illustrated C# 2005 by Daniel Solis. Neither of them were written the way I like to learn; I prefer a textbook style of learning with exercises and whatnot (and preferably some color), neither of which gave me that. I've ordered my 3rd book and hope it's better than these have been. The book I got this time is Programming C#, Fourth Edition by Oreilly.

Anyone have good experience with any of these books?

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I recommend some books like Inside C#
and really really if you have any programming experience C\C++, VB,... I recommend for you MSDN. the best resource I know till now.


Take a look at the "Step By Step" range by Halvorson (Microsoft Press) i use thier VB one and its very good.

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