Hey everyone. Noob poster here so bear with me. So the code below makes a drawing of a face move around the graphics window. However, the face is noseless. My dilema is that I absolutely can't figure out how to add a nose to the face and have it move around with the face as well. As far as I know, there is no way to create a triangle, only a polygon but a polygon requires specific coordinates to create it. How do I make a triangle nose for this guy, writing code in relation to the face and not using general coordinates? If any of what I said made sense... Also, I tried to write some code to do this, and the code that I did is currently set as a note. Any help would be appreciated. No need for a straight anwer if you don't want, just something to help get me moving. Thanks all.

from graphics import * 
import time 
def moveAll(shapeList, dx, dy): 
    for shape in shapeList:  
        shape.move(dx, dy) 
def moveAllOnLine(shapeList, dx, dy, repetitions, delay): 

    for i in range(repetitions): 
        moveAll(shapeList, dx, dy) 
def makeFace(center, win):   

    head = Circle(center, 25) 
    eye1Center = center.clone() 
    eye1Center.move(-10, 5)     
    eye1 = Circle(eye1Center, 5) 
    eye2End1 = eye1Center.clone() 
    eye2End1.move(15, 0) 
    eye2End2 = eye2End1.clone() 
    eye2End2.move(10, 0) 
    eye2 = Line(eye2End1, eye2End2) 

    # noseTop = center.clone()
    # noseTop.move(0,0)
    # noseLeft = noseTop.clone()
    # noseLeft.move(-5,-5)
    # noseRight = noseLeft.cone()
    # noseRight.move(10,0)
    # nose = Polygon(noseTop,noseLeft,noseRight)
    # nose.draw(win)

    mouthCorner1 = center.clone() 
    mouthCorner1.move(-10, -10) 
    mouthCorner2 = mouthCorner1.clone() 
    mouthCorner2.move(20, -5) 
    mouth = Oval(mouthCorner1, mouthCorner2) 
    return [head, eye1, eye2, mouth] 
def main(): 
    winWidth = 300 
    winHeight = 300 
    win = GraphWin('Back and Forth', winWidth, winHeight) 
    win.setCoords(0, 0, winWidth, winHeight) # make right side up coordinates! 
    rect = Rectangle(Point(200, 90), Point(220, 100)) 
    faceList = makeFace(Point(40, 100), win)    #NEW 
    faceList2 = makeFace(Point(150,125), win)   #NEW 
    stepsAcross = 46    #NEW section 
    dx = 5 
    dy = 3 
    wait = .05 
    offScreenJump = winWidth*2 
    for i in range(3): 
        moveAllOnLine(faceList, dx, 0, stepsAcross, wait) 
        moveAll(faceList2, offScreenJump, 0) # face 2 jumps off the screen

        moveAllOnLine(faceList, -dx, dy, stepsAcross/2, wait) 
        moveAll(faceList2, -offScreenJump, 0) # face 2 jumps back on screen 
        moveAllOnLine(faceList, -dx, -dy, stepsAcross/2, wait) 
    Text(Point(winWidth/2, 20), 'Click anywhere to quit.').draw(win) 

I am not familiar with this old graphics module, but generally you draw the face inside a rectangle/frame/canvas and move the whole rectangle/frame/canvas around.