I have a list view and I'm trying to get all of the text out of it. This is my code so far:

for(i= 0; i < NumOfItems; i++)
            char *text = new char[256];
              char *text2 = new char[256];
                                     // mask
              ListView_GetItemText(hWndListView, 0, 0, text, 256);
              ListView_GetItemText(hWndListView, 0, 1, text2, 256);
              MessageBox(hWnd, text, "", MB_OK | MB_ICONINFORMATION);

            delete [] text;
            delete [] text2;

But I don't know how to move to the next item, so I keeps doing the first item over and over again. Could someone please help me I've been trying for a while.

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First, don't allocate the buffers like that. Its just toooo much! If you want to use dynamic allocation then allocate them before the loop and delete them after the loop terminates.

>>But I don't know how to move to the next item
Increment the second parameter ??

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