ancient dragon told me something but dont know how to user it !

translate(word.begin(), word.end(), word.begin(), tolower);

It's transform, not translate. Be sure to include the <algorithm> header, and keep in mind that the way you're doing it might not work. But it probably will, so no worries at this point. Also, unless you want to change word so that it's a std::string object, you can't use the begin and end member functions. This will work (but you also have to include <cstring>:

transform ( word, word + strlen ( word ), word, tolower );

thanks a lot guys everything is working fine!!

I put it there but still dont work !!

it is my code right or wrong?

Hope it's not too late but I would recommend you do some research in this [removed link]. Wish this be useful to you...

It is too late.... this thread is like, 2 years old man, and the OP said he got it working.....

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