Hey guys,

Im a beginner in programming...so please bare with me. my project is to create a simple calculator program with a twist. the user needs to input 3 variables which is 1st number, 2nd number and the operator(+ - * /). but when the user wants a square root or a reciprocal of the 1st number then 2 variables are needed. The 1st number and either 'S' or 'R' for square root and reciprocal respectively.

here's what ive done so far:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <iostream.h>

int first, ans = 0;
int second;
char op;
char end[4];
char R, S;

void Calc();
void Recip();
void Squared();

void main()
        while (strcmp(end, "exit")!=0)
                printf("\nEnter the required calculations\n\n");
                cin >> first >> second >> op;
                printf("\nThe answer is %d", ans);
                printf("\n\nPress ENTER to continue, or type EXIT to exit: ");
                if ((int)end != '\n')
                        ans = 0;

void Calc()
        switch (op)
                case '+':
                        ans = (first + second);
                case '-':
                        ans = (first - second);
                case '*':
                        ans = (first * second);
                case '/':
                        if (second == 0)
                                printf("\nCannot divide by zero");
                        else ans = (first / second);

void Recip()
        if(first == 0)
                printf("\nInvalid Function!!!");
        else ans = ( 1 / first);

void Squared()
        ans = (first * first);

this code works fine, the problem is that how can i tell the program that if an input of only 2 variables is entered it will consider it as either a square root or a reciprocal of the first number. example: 25 S (square root of 25). Or 5 R (reciprocal of 5 i.e. 1 divided by 5).

if the user only inputs only 2 variables and hit enter then there is no need to scan for the operator. is there any way of doing this?

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Your problem is that your input is variable. You can enter one of:

number  operator
  number  number  operator

However, your code only permits the second type of input:

cin >> first >> second >> op;

I'll give you a hint: don't use int variables as the targets of your cin statement. Use strings and convert them to a number if necessary.

Good luck.


Actually, I've answered your question quite thoroughly. You have to think now. I'll not do your homework for you. If I did, you wouldn't learn anything.

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