//this is the class that I must declare to be public

class Zoo
//create 4 pointers to instances of house class
Animal *M;
Animal *C;
Animal *D;
Animal *L;

// constructor

Animal *M;= new Animal();
char M[64];
strcpy(M, "Monkey");
Animal *C; = new Animal();
char R[64];
strcpy(C, "Cat");
Animal *D;= new Animal();
char D[64];
strcpy(D, "Dog");
Animal *L; = new Animal();
char L[64];
strcpy(L, "Lion");

For the constructor I recieve 4 errors stating redefinition; different types of indirection. I don't understand why I am recieving it and for the deconstrutor I have: which I highly expect for it to be wrong. Feedback would be great!

Animal ::~Animal ()
delete *M, *C, *D, *L;

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First, watch your syntax. Any time you have a ; you are terminating a statement. So Animal *M;= new Animal(); is two separate statements: Animal *M; and = new Animal(); .

The first 'redeclares' the variable M. The second is error. What you want to say is M = new Animal; Secondly, watch your delete statement. Use one per object. delete M; delete C; etc.

Lastly, don't forget to declare your constructor and destructor. Your compiler may let you get away with just defining them, but that's not standard C++.

class Zoo {

Zoo::Zoo() {
  M = new Animal;

Zoo::~Zoo() {
  delete M;

Hope this helps.