Hi there, Im trying to start learning C++, but I haven't been able to find any compilers for it. Does anyone know any good compilers for C++?


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Welcome aboard. This site provides great tutorials on how to get started. With regards to actual compilers...my preferences are:
1. Dev C++
2. Microsoft's visual
You can google those two above mentioned items for a download link.
Welcome aboard..hope you'll enjoy it here.


I recommend the GCC. It comes with C and C++ and is fully standards compliant.

If you want an IDE I'm not sure. Maybe someone else has a suggestion for that...


>but I haven't been able to find any compilers for it.
You didn't look very hard, did you? A search for "C++ compiler" brings up a number of immediate hits, and a simple search of this forum would give you all of the popular ones. But no, you had to ignore all of the resources available to you and ask the question. Yep, I can see how your C++ education is going to be right now. :icon_rolleyes:

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