Well I did not have a problem with my last program assignment which involved me making the Student class that I attached below, But in my new assignment i have too Write a program that will use the Student class developed in the previous assignment to provide a menu-based interactive capability. The program will also read/write files. You may have to modify your original Student class.
The main method will create the files and display a menu, read the user's choice from the keyboard, and perform the corresponding action. After each action, the menu is displayed again. This continues until the user chooses "Exit".

Choice 1 will read the next line from the input file, create the student object,
and assign its instance variables.
Choice 2 will prompt the user to create a new student object as in the previous
Choice 3 will display the student's info in the format given below.
Choice 4 (change info) will display the following submenu:

Change student info
1 - change credit hours
2 - change residency (in-state/out-of-state)
3 - change financial aid status and amount
4 - return to main menu

The user is prompted for the new value, and the submenu is redisplayed until
"return to main menu" is selected.

Choices 5 and 6 will display the student's bill on the screen and write it to
the output file, respectively, using the format in the previous assignment.
Output two blank lines after each student bill.

And I don't really know anything about reading from a file or writing out to a file in java and ive done some research on it but none of it is getting through to me, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated, I have also attached my p7 file which is the code i have so far on my new assignment and how i have it set up, Thank you to anyone who can help

yes that helps but also how would i go about changing the student class to use the input from a txt file to fill out the information

This class allows you to read an input file.txt specified when invonking the constructor.
It prints out line by line. You can save each line into an array if you want to. Or you can save each word in the line into an array by invoking the split function.