I'm frustrated at the moment and thought I'd vent a bit before asking for help.

I've finally decided to download MS Visual C++ Express 2005 and migrate from VC++ 6.0. I know, it's about time! What can I say, except that I hardly ever download stuff from the net because it frequently doesn't go as smooth as it should, so I'm not real comfortable doing it. Sure enough, I can't seem to figure out how to do it this time either. I'm on the Express version download page at Microsoft.com. I can start the download of 2008 Express toward the top of the page, but that's not what I want, so I cancel it after I can't find a way to tell it to download 2005 instead of 2008 download. I can start the download of Visual J# Express (nice obvious download button within the icon to make it easy for even dimwits like me), but I cancel the download because that's not I want and it doesn't look like I can download C++ from within that sequence either. I selet my preferred language in the Visual C++ Express icon easy enough, a simple edit box for that, but I can't figure out how to start the download. No obvious button like for J#. Double clicking on the C++ 2005 icon like for 2008 version doesn't seem to work. Neither does single or right clicking the C++ 2005 icon for that matter. I'm beginning to wonder if my blinders are so big I just can't see the forest for trees or if there's some trick I'm not familiar with or what? I even "signed in" to the website thinking something might become obvious to an "insider" not obvious to a guest. No luck.

If anybody can tell me the foolish mistake I'm making I'll check back tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks even more for helping!

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Yup, that's the page I was on. If it doesn't work I'll decrease the security setting of my browser. Maybe clicking on "English" is supposed to trigger a popup window which I'm blocking, though the typical MS download window appeared promptly when starting to download 2008 and J# last night. Oh, well. I'll try again later when I get back home. Thanks for your input.


Lowering the security setting on my browser did the trick. Thanks for your help.

Can anyone provide information on options for Resource Editors for Win32 projects created within MS Visual Studio 2005 Express?

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Don't forget to increase them again, or maybe add microsoft to the "trusted" list.

In addition to the Windows SDK you need a resource editor and a resource compiler. You really don't need the resource editor if you want to create the resources manually, but the editor makes it a lot easier. You should be able to find some free ones on the net, just do a little googling for "resource editor"



What little experience I've had has led me to have great repsect for anyone who's writing resource files from scratch. Still the other options all have their drawbacks, too. Time to mull it over a while before proceeding.

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