Hi !

I am sorry to disturb here with a so complicated question, but I got lost since weeks, and I dod not found any help.

I am trying to learn programing in BCB so i am amateur. I am trying to create a kind of pop3 proxy, which could filter the emails going through. I had found a fantastic example at codeproject :


But I can not get it to work, as it is not in BCB, and though it seems to be simple, I can not rewamp it to compile in BCB. Could somebody drop me a hand and help me to put this code compileable in a BCB project ?

Extremely big thanks in case of any help,


Conversion is a complicated thing,when it comes to diffrent compilers or OSs.

Mainly it's the header files,slight variations in the standard structures,diffrent funtion names etc. which are a problem.

I run into this quite often,but it's not too hard.The only thing is that use should understand what the code is doing,know your compiler well.

BCB (borland c++ builder,right?).I have never really used it.Sorry about that.

Anyway what seems to be the general problem,errors ?