can i ask for a program in tasm that can solve arithmetic, example 1+1=2 the program is written in tasm compiler.. or code for addition in tasm..


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No one is going to give you code. Look in your textbook and at your class notes. There is an x86 opcode that does addition.

sorry, but we dont have books , so i cant find command for addition, can you please help me in addition command..thx

I cannot believe that your professor has given you an assembly assignment and not given you at least some of the target instruction set.

Here's an online PDF with the basic instruction set. It lists the opcodes for a variety of assemblers. Just scroll down for the MASM/TASM opcodes.

Good luck.

> hey, dont be so rude..
Excuse me? What's rude is posting here demanding that someone to do your homework for you. There is no teacher anywhere that will give you an assignment and not provide you with the means to accomplish it.

What else is rude is giving someone a hard time for refusing to give away code, or to try to make up for a failure to pay attention in class. Please read the Forum Announcements. We are not here to think for someone, or give them a good grade for something they haven't learned.

Instead, require people to do their best, and then assist them in their efforts. Only then do they benefit from good understanding and good grades, both now and in the future. And other people in the future don't have to put up with someone who claims to know what he doesn't.

I'm not here to give rise to fights and at my time I have done and learnt all assembly programming and mips on my own. So,why can't he?
hey kid, if you got problems in asm then don't bother in writing a short mail.
have a nice day!!

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