hi folks, i m really fed up these problems....please help me
1.Create a program that implements a database in C++. The fields are hard-coded, and the data is saved in a binary file. Although this isn't really flexibility, you aren't relying on any external libraries or functions.
2.Write a program which reverses the numerals in an integer, that is529 becomes 925, etc..
3.Write a program that allows you to input students' scores and weights. The program should then calculate a weighted average and score based on the data inputted by the user.

by ramu

Welcome aboard. If you have specific problems when trying to do a program...please post the source code here along with what you think may be wrong. Also post the errors you get, so we can take a look and help you. We are not in the business of doing your home-work for you! You must TRY/show some effort!!

Here is some info:
1. Please provide some some specifications/info for the assignment.
2. For the reversal of the integers...here's a similar question...in the future, search the forums to see if someone else had a similar assignment:
3.The average...you have to ave a counter to get the total number of students, you must also get the total score of all the students to get the average.
Hope this helps.