Good day. I would like some suggestions/recommendations as to what type of project i could basically you guys get to assume the role of a it goes:
Write a program that uses an array of structures. lt can be on any topic or subject you
wish to choose. The structure itself must have an array within it.
The program should operate from a menu (switch statement) in the main
function which directs the program to the various functions the perform an
operation. This menu must be put in a Ioop to continue until the user no
longer wants to.
There must be at least two separate sort functions as well as one to read the
data into the array of structures. There must also be a function to search
through the structure array for a particular item.
The functions must include
1. Two separate sort functions
2. A function to read data into the array of structures
3. A function to search through the structure array for a particular item
4. A function to display a report en the chosen topic
5. At least two ether operational functions
The more original the topic, the better the grade.
On test day, you will run your program for Mr. Professor to observe.
Submit the following:
1. An algorithm
2. Program Listing
3. All pertinent outputs
4. A listing of the input file's contents
Thanks for all your input...after this...i think i only have one more c++ assignment to do and then i'm all done...thanks again for the help...i have an 110% in the class...and the semester aint even done yet...had to do a few real nasty c++ extra credit assignments. Thx.

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One thing you could do is map out a directory. The structure could have the name of the directory, an array of sub-directories (which would possibly be a pointer to a new instance of the structure itself), and an array of file names as members. You can search through it for a file, directory etc. Sort by date, size, name, etc.

Thanks for your replies...i think i'm going to go with what twomers said, although i'll give the other suggestion a try in my free time...any additional ideas are welcomed! Thx.

Good day to all of you who assisted me. I never thought I'd pass this class, but with all your help, I made it. This is the only C++ course that I I really wont have any c++ questions to post around here to bug anyone...but i'll still hang around...A big thanks again to the forum...Problem solved!

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