// This program will write the name, address, telephone number
// and college major of the programmer.

// Michael Hawkinberry

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()

      cout << " Michael Hawkinberry\n6393 Harlem-Grovetown Road, Harlem, Georgia, 30814\n(706) 556-3731\nComputer Science " << endl;
return 0;

Is this program error free? if there are errors could u send them to me?? thanks

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Yeap, it looks fine to me. If I were you I wouldn't be publically displaying your name, address, and phone # on a public forum ... if that is your real contact info, that is.

Well I think I have some problems to solve for myself.As csegirl tells that there is nothing wrong with the program.I think I have something wrong with my compiler so that's why i'm posting a message here.If I am not wrong,the source code is like this:
//This program will write the name,address,telephone number
// and college major of the programmer
// Michael Hokinberry
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
cout << " Michael Hokinberry\n 6393 Harlem-Grovetown Road,Harlem,Georgia,30814\n (706) ,556 - 3731\nComputer Science " << endl;
return 0;
At first,I tried to run this with my compiler and it said that it couldn't find the iostream file.
Then,there were three errors when I tried with iostream.h:
harlem.cpp(5):error c2501: 'using' missing decl-specifiers
harlem.cpp(5):error c2239: Unexpected token 'identifier' following declaration of 'using'
harlem.cpp:error c2061: syntax error identifier 'namespace' :sad:
I'm really mad at my compiler now...

What compiler are you using?
P.S.: Can anybody please check out my "string to integer array" problem?

When I installed the c++ in my hard disk it said "c/c++7".If you have not noticed yet,this compiler couldn't execute the static_cast statement,for casting integers to floats.But It succeded when I used float x = ( float ) y...I need to know whether I can run my c++ source codes in visual studio.net or visual c++ .net or whatever you call it...

you can compile your code with visual studio .net . In fact, I think that is the best non gcc IDE compiler for windows.


I am wondering what the "using namespace std;" statement is all about. I have never seen it, yet have done the "hello world" program as coded above many times.


>I am wondering what the "using namespace std;" statement is all about.

It's a modern, standard C++ (as opposed to old, pre-standard C++) way to use an unadorned cout (for example), which is a member of the std namespace. Here are a few more details.

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