can you help me writing a code for this please i am confused

St. Habakkuk of the Abacus is the patron saint of software engineers. He was a public scribe and money-changer (an honest one) in the late Roman Empire, when all computation was performed on a kind of abacus consisting of pebbles (“calculi”) sliding in a grooved tabletop. He developed an improved method of multiplication, which enabled him to carry out his clients’ commissions much more quickly and efficiently than any of his competitors. His offer to teach them his system free of charge (the first recorded instance of shareware) only inflamed their rage, and they stoned him to death with the pebbles of his own counting board: he was martyred, by calculation, on July 14, A.D. 559.

His feast day is celebrated every 256 days. December 25, 1987 was the 2038th (decimal) iteration of St. Habakkuk’s Day.

Determine when the next 5 feasts of St. Habakkuk will take place. Display the feast number and date. contains a lot of information on calendars, such as how leap years are determined and perpetual calendars.

I recommend that you sit down and write pseudo code if you are having problems with logic....somewhat straight-forward. Post what you've tried.

Yes just come up with an algothirm first.