can any1 help me with my cwk..

Mr Joe Brachialis, the proprietor of Joe's Gym wants to modernise his filing system. He currently keeps a card index system but he would like to have a computer application to maintain the records of his clients.

The clients are offered two types of membership, quarterly {12 weeks} or annual {52 weeks}.

He would like to remind clients by post about a week before their membership is about to run out.

The system he requires is very simple; he needs to have the ability to enrol new clients, to renew the membership of existing clients, and to generate letters to remind clients whose membership is about to run out. A specimen of the data is stored in the file clients.txt.

Your program should:

* define appropriate data types (enumerations and/or structs) to model the data of the application.
* read the client data from the data file and store it in a convenient form.
* enrol new clients.
* renew membership of clients.
* perform a search through the data for clients whose membership is about to run out and generate a reminder letter.
* save the client data to a data file.

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Many here will help, but no one will write it for you. Please post a copy of what you've done to solve the problem, and tell us where you feel you're having difficulty.

Start with pencil and paper - outline the steps the program must take, then refine those to more detailed actions.


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