i am new beginner of the java & i want to create a application such using applet for create user - student & admin.

That's nice... The only thing is, we can't do it for you. If you come up with more specifications we can guide you, because at this point, "applet for create user - student & admin" isn't saying all that much.

You have to show us that you are willing to put some effort into it. Try to come up with more specifications, do some coding to show the design of the application.

Like I said, show some effort and in return you'll get our help should you need it.

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thanx, its true i need to put efforts but i need some guidence.
as i wish to create application as for my college project & it is like that maintaining the DB of students profile.
student can view / edit his/her profile but cant change other students profile. & admin can change any body's profile.

Ok, I understand... A project like that isn't given to starters, so you must know *some* Java. Start thinking of classes that can be used and how they should interact (which class uses/delivers what).

Do some basic coding of these interactions. Projects can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you start, you're able to tackle each sole problem one at the time.

By that time you'll understand your own project a lot more, and you'll be able to tell us where you get stuck using more specifications to describe your goal.

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i tried it, i tried to create JApplet but i am not able to create connection to DB.
i am using oracle 9i as DB & try to go on second applet after clicking button on the first applet.
is that possibe to create connection to the DB in applet only or i have to create different java file.

As far as I'm aware applets can't run or execute code from a local machine?

Wouldn't it be better coding an N tier system?

applets can only connect to resources on the server where they were hosted from, UNLESS they're signed applets.