I need to write a C++ program that declares an array of type integer of size 10.The user will enter the number of integers N to be stored in the array. The program should have a number of functions each of them will at least take two parameters.These functions are named : **inputArray / findNumber/ calculateSum/ sortArray/ outputArray/ outputReverse and luckyArray. **

inputArray is to read and store data in the array.

findNumber is to search the array for a given number. it returns the position of the first number equivalent to the given value if no number is found it return -1.

calculateSum will return the the sum of numbers stored in the array

findLargest to print the largest number in the array

outputArray is to print the array

outputReverse is to print the array in reverse order

**luckyArray is boolean function returns true if the array values from right to left are the same from left to right

sortArray is to sort the array in ascending order

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YOU need to write it, not we.
Show us your code and the problems you have with it and we will kindly help. :)

you allready have an idea of what you want make, i can say you allready the algorithm of your program in your comment, no body in the world would write whole code for you, start coding your program compile it, if you get stuk then post your code here and everybody will have pleasure to help you.

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