Hi all;;;
please can anyone help me , when i opend my java program i wrote it previously ,,,i see the red line in the editor and code dosent exist ????and the error that appear : illegal character: \u000.
I am very sad for this because my program ia too long and i can't write it again .... please i want help to recovery my code......!!!!!!

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So, how can recover my code (project)?? that i write it ...is it any way to recover my previous code before it deleted

@Mar.Na. I take it you don't backup your stuff by the question posed. Only you know where your backups are. This is usually what prods a new programmer to learn about backups, revision control and dogs.

DId you use NetBeans? If its set up right it keeps the previous versions of all your source code.

Please tell me what software you use netbeans or any other if you are using netbeans then they backup all of your source code you write the thing you do is to jump to previous..............................

I use netbeans 8.2.0....
Thanks alot I found another copy of my project....
By the way, if this status is repeated , what should I do?

If you recovered and it happens again it means you didn't learn from the prior experience.

I won't pull any punches here on out. You need to take better care of your files. These are called backups. Your choice how to do that.

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