Using Python, create a program that simulates a bank machine and transactions on a bank machine.
·         Your bank machine must have an intro message that welcomes you.
·         The account balance is given at the beginning of the transaction and it should start at $1000.00.
·         It must ask you whether you want to make a transaction.
·         If you don’t want to make a transaction, the machine should ask you if you would like to quit.
·         If you don’t want to quit get the program to loop back to the beginning.
·         If you quit the Bank Machine should respond with a message that thanks you for “Using Bank of ___________!”
·         If you want to make a transaction you will do the following:
The bank machine tells you your current balance.
It must ask you whether you wish to withdraw or deposit.
Have a check that ensures that you can’t withdraw more than you have.
Gives your new balance after the transaction
Asks if you want to make another transaction.
If no more transactions the program should proceed with the ending message similar to exit message previously.