I'm relatively new to python, and I'm trying to create a pokemon battle.
This error has come up, I've looked up solutions but it hasn't helped me as I can't understand it properly.
Please help, I'd like to learn especially since I'm planning on taking IT and computer science for GCSEs.
Thank you in advance.

input takes zero or one parameters. Any more than one gives an error.

So none of the code apart from the movechoice = int(input(... is incorrect? Sorry, I'm still getting the hang of python.

If by "correct" you mean "syntactically correct" your python interpreter will tell you that. If you mean does it have any logic errors, you'll have to determine that. We can only see what the code does. Only you know what you want it to do. Learning how to debug is part of learning how to code.

Alright, thanks ever so much for your help. I think I have fixed it now.