Like: if i Can saw what is Happening inside of my code i will understand what type of method i'm actually using ..Like: binary search or stack or Dynamic programming or using special type of algorithm which already developed by someone? Did you guys know i can solve this type of issue? I know i need more practice than i can tell which process i'm using or not .. Is there any other option to recognize how to solve a Programming Problems?? If there was any it will be helpful.Thanks for your time and Experience .

You are spending too much time on Facebook (like).

To understand an algorithm, work through an example with pencil and paper. Then code it up. Then step through it using a debugger while following your paper and pencil example.

What Rev Jim said.
Pencil and paper is the best way to step through an example. Each newly-created variable is simply a new column. As you step through an algorithm and the value changes, you cross out the old value and put in the new one.

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