Write a program in C++ which prompt the user to enter the value of hours worked and the program will compute and display the gross pay and netpay.The gross pay is calculated as hours worked times the rate for the first 40 hours, plus hours worked times 1.5 times the rate for any

hours over 40.The rate is $2.50 per hour.The net pay is calculated as gross pay minus income tax. Income tax is calculated as 25% gross pay for gross pay which is over $1000 ,20% of gross pay if gross pay is not more than $1000 but is more than $600 and 10% of gross pay if gross pay

is not more than $600

b) Bliss College offers ICT training courses at its institution. Students who enroll are given a registration number and they capture the personal details that include fullname, address and age. Their diplomas each have 5 modules and at the end each students are given an aggregate class based on the following criterion. The class can only be computed if the student has managed pass all the courses.


75 though 100

60 though 74

50 through 59

Using concepts of structures write a program that captures the marks and details of the students and then computes the overall class for the student. The program should then display d the details in a horizontal manner including the headers. [20]

Reverend Jim commented: Lazy -3

How much are you paying me to do this work?

This does however look like homework which is for you to write but if you are stuck, please tell us where and show your work to fix it. Then we can discuss what to try next.

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