Please can some one help me with this program

using functions, arrays, if statement and loops to develop a c++ source files that will be called CLASS LIST . this program should allow user to enter their names, student identification number and exam marks, a function should be created to convert the marks into grades and function should be created to display the student name, id numbers and grades on the same line. the class list should have a length on 20 student

A = 75 and above
B = 66 TO 74
C = 50 TO 64
D = 40 TO 49
E = 25 TO 39
F = 0 TO 24

rproffitt commented: Remember to show your work, tell where you are stuck. +0

do your own homework, or at least try and show where you are stuck.
Us doing your homework for you helps nobody, least of all any of us who may end up with an incompetent idiot who got his diplomas by cheating.

Hello I can help you figure out what to do, I can help you and maybe grab a cup of coffee. Here is my email No one is an idiot just for the record, he needs help.

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