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emp database(connection string vsspl-005\sqlexpress)employee database(connection string vsspl-002\sqlexpress)
runtime employee database
when i give print button emp database

the above 4 fig display the problem..

please help me.. since i'm trying from last 4 days

i've one crystal report which is connected to the database using database expert and connection string is

vsspl-005\sqlexpress and i want to override the connection string to vsspl-002\sqlexpress..

i've writen the connection string in webconfig file it is working well..

for example. the report is connected to the emp database using database experts..

and the overriding string is connected to the employee database in webconfig file..

when i run it is displaying correct employee database..

but when i give print it is diaplaying the logon prompt with server name same vsspl-005 emp database.

and in the pdf it is printing the eml database. i want the employee database in the pdf and print..

please help me..

i want to override the connection string both the time while its running and when i give print command in pdf also..

please can any one help me...