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I am working on a website and I am new to it. I would appreciate some help. I am working with the Web Building Software that comes with cpanel, called RV Site Builder. I send RV Site Buider a Ticket and they are not getting back to me. I also called my website host and they could not help me with this particular problem.
I am writing with the following question:
I have published an "internal page" on one of my website projects using RV Site Builder.
I went back to working on it and I lost most of my content in the RV Site Builder (I will refer to it as RVSB from now on). I realized that the content is still in cpanel and I tried to recover it by copying the code (HTML/PHP/JAVA??) and pasting it into the RVSB. What happened was: it worked well and I could see everything ("in design mode") after I pasted it in "source mode" the way it needed to be except for saving it. It would not save. It would revert to the content that was there originally. I also tried to copy the document starting at different areas. It would be missing colors and the tables that I made would be out of place. It seemed as though there was only some small mistake I was making, but I was not able to figure out what mistake. What I did instead of copying the content into RVSB, I copied the folder (document) in Cpanel multiple times and I modified the copied documents to fit my needs. Then I posted links to those documents on my site. Now I would like to insert 1 counter on each of these documents in File Manager Cpanel. I don't seem to be able to modify those documents at all anymore. Sorry if you do not understand everything, and thank you for reading this post, and have a good day.
Please help me.

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