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Hi there,

Because of browser wars and whatnot, a lot of CSS3 components have to be written in many different syntaxes to work.
E.g. -moz-box-shadow and -webkit-box-shadow (even though they're identical in format)

So, my solution is to write simple flags in the CSS file which a PHP script will replace for the correct CSS needed. I've got the browser detection and php re-writing all working, but - in my regex noobery - I just cant find a way to extract the flags and replace them.

Some sample code would be:
background: LINEAR-GRADIENT:[top|#FFFFFF@0%|#E5E5E5@100%];

The particular format of my 'generic code' isn't important: I just chose this as it seems easy to decode.

Where (if we were using Firefox) the script would replace that with:
background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #FFFFFF 0%, #E5E5E5 100%);

Now I've made a Regex function which works perfectly well at selecting this example of text:

But how do I use that to obtain the generic code, pass it to the re-writing function depending on the browser, and replace the generic code with browser-specific code?

I found preg_replace_callback.
All I need to do is:
$linGrads = preg_replace_callback('/LINEAR-GRADIENT:\[.+?\]/', 'editingFunction', $input);

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