Hi All,

I am relatively new to the world of webservers and java, so please pardon me for any mistakes i make in conveying my problem.

THe problem is as following:

we have a sunone webserver 1(abc.com), and there is a sun one webserver2(def.com)
there is a jsp application in webserver 1 running.

There is a button in the application in abc.com. When the user clicks on this button the application redirects the user to def.com(response.redirect("def.com");) . This redirect hits the browser and the browser then redirects the user to def.com.

When the request hits def.com an LDAP is authentication mechanism is activated and since it finds no authorization information the LDAP sends a response back to the browser which inturn pop's up a authentication box. Please not that it is Basic authentication, base 64 encoded user pass.

My question is can i include this base 64 encoding("Basic user:pass") in the redirect i am doing from abc.com such that it travels with the new request to def.com and thus the login happens in LDAP and no popup box is shown to the user?

If it is how is this possible?

Thanks in advance.