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This is hopefully my last jquery question. I have a slight issue with my buttons and dropdown menu. What happens is lets say user chooses option type "ABCDE" in first dropdown menu and then second dropdown menu chooses the value "4" for the number of answers and then clicks on the buttons "A","B","C" and "E", well if the user then decides to change the option type to "ABC", the buttons "A", "B" and "C" are still selected from the last time they have been selected.

What I want is that if the Option Type (OptionDropId) changes, then buttons selected is refreshed so no buttons are selected from the last time they have been selected.

This did used to work but when I included my change() event handler in my code which I need, the buttons do not refresh whenever a new dropdown option (OptionDropId) is selected. So I think the edit of the code may need to happen in the code below:

$(document).ready(function ()
            var OptDrop = new Array(); = ["",1,2];
    OptDrop.abcd = ["",1,2,3];
    OptDrop.abcde = ["",1,2,3,4];
    OptDrop.trueorfalse = [1];
    OptDrop.yesorno = [1];
            $("#optionDropId").change(function ()
                var selectedValue = $(this).val();
                $.each(OptDrop[selectedValue], function (x, y)
                    $("#numberDropId").append($("<option></option>").attr("value", y).html(y));

My code is in JSfiddle, (the second dropdown menu and buttons may not appear in JSFiddle but the code does work properly, I feel it is better displaying code in JSfiddle then in my questions as it will take up a lot of space. If you want to see working version then post code in your web document and it should work).

My Code: [click below][1]


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