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Some browsers will resort a json array by index to make access faster, I understand this.

The problem is that when I pass my json object to jeditable using the data setting, in those browsers my options dont come out in the order I need them (Alphabetic).

PHP creating the array

foreach($arrStations as $arrStation){

JS/PHP dumping array into jeditable

$('.typeStation').editable('editable_ajax.php', {
    submitdata : {target_table: "<?php print ip_address?>", action_taken:"update", key_column_name:"<?php print ipID?>", related_table:"station", related_column_name:"station_name"},
    indicator : 'Saving...',
    tooltip   : 'Click to edit...',
    data   : "<?php print addslashes(json_encode($arrJSONStations))?>",
    type   : 'select',
    submit : 'OK'
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