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Ok, I ve been struggling for the last two weeks to get my webservice working on I managed that. Then my database corrupted but managed to get it migrated it to mysql before that and everything' s fine. Now the final problem that I have and just can't solve is connecting from hoster) to another server using mysql. In the cpanel i enabled a remote sql connection from So i should access my database (actually my webservice on should access the database). However I m not able to do that this is the string that I have specified:

using (MySqlConnection con = new MySqlConnection("Server=;Port=3306;Database=callofdu_energsun;Uid=callofdu_eses;Pwd=mypaswrod9999;"))

What do you think, should I change anything or is it maybe that doesnt' allow a external connection to the other servers altough the other server is enabled ( I configured it that way) to accept one.Bare in mind that I m using a free package at
One other thing. The Server ip address that I ve put and that you can see above is the SHARED IP ADDRESS.When i log on to php my admin it just says Server:localhost altough the database is uploaded on the server. Am I using the right ip address?
Im sorry for my spelling mistakes and a whole bunch of questions but I ve been trying to make this connection for the past 9 hours and I just can't achieve it.

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