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Hi,Ihope all is well...
I downloaded this fancy shockwave flashplayer On this site and I managed to do all the necessary setup for the My slide show page and it is fine and good.
My pages are as follows I hape a php page for holding the shockwave flash player on My div tag below:

<div id="cubeslider" class="twelve columns" style="border:1px solid #ccd;">
 <label style="text-align:center;"><strong>Shockwave Flashplayer Pictures Goes here.</strong></label>   

Then in the header section on this same page I have the JQuery Function code as follows:


var imagesDataArray = 
This is the variable that Holds the Source of My Images and their Caption.
It is then called in a jQuery function
      <?php $count=0;foreach($My_Slides as $Slides) { ?>
      /*PLEASE: Note the php codes inserted here as I am going to explain why below*/
      src: 'gallery/<?php echo $Slides[$count]['ImageSrc']; ?>',
      description: '<?php echo $Slides[$count]['Description']; ?>'
      <?php } ?>


$('#cubeslider').shockwave(imagesDataArray, {
   'slider-type': 'CubeSlider',
   'rotation-duration': 1000,  
   'slideshow-delay': 5000,
   'tiles-in-x': 10,
   'tiles-in-y': 1,
   'rotation-axis': 'x',
   'show-permanent-description': true,
   'show-description-onimage': true,
   'autostart-slideshow': true,
   'viewport-dimension': {width: 630, height: 250}



Now the variable $My_Slides holds the results of My function from the class in another php file with the necesssary codes to fetch the Images and their caption from My database,the function is this one:

public function gallery_loader()
    $SQL="SELECT * FROM gallery WHERE ImageType=1"; 

    $Slides = array();

        $Slides[$this->Slide_Count]['ImageSrc'] = $SEARCH["Image_Name"].$SEARCH["Extension"];
        $Slides[$this->Slide_Count]['Description'] = $SEARCH["Category"];
        /*The Variable above as well as the one below are already defined as public*/
        /*This result is passed to the php file with the shockwave flashplayer to the variable $My_Slides*/
        return $Slides;

So in My shockwave flashplayer file here is where the two pages are connected to exchange values:


I hope the overall setup is fine as I do get the Images on My page,BUT with one irritating thing if You already have Noticed it from the JQuery Function above.
The Variable

 var imagesDataArray = [  {       } ];

Is given more than one image is available in My database:

src: 'gallery/<?php echo $Slides[$count]['ImageSrc']; ?>',
description: '<?php echo $Slides[$count]['Description']; ?>'

So the point is how do I make it iterate through its all contents and display them on My shockwave flashpler as now it only shows one because the variable $count does not change from its initial value 0 which I gave it and when I change the value I do get the next and so forth.
Thats all I have sorry for being too verbose.

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