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Please stop bumping your thread like this. We are all volunteers and help out when we can. You have not paid us, so we are not beholden to your demands. It has not helped that you have strayed far from your original brief - i.e. speed. You have rectified that with or without our help, so the thread should have been marked as solved. This further issue may or may not interest members. Personally, I'm not interested, so I won't be contributing. BUT, other members could be able to help, but the title of your thread may not lead them here. You posted to the PHP forum, but your new query seems to be involved with javascript. See your problem?

sorry for this, I am not bumping my thread.
I am very worried about my this problem thats why I am confusing,
so should I change my this disccusion to jS?

How can I migrate this thread to javascript?
please do it yourself if you can.

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If I were you I'd start a new thread in js and provide a link to this one if you really need to.

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