Hello I am using Crystal report version, php version 7.0.10, Apache version 42.4.33 and MySql Version 5.7.14. I have created the sampel rptone.rpt file that contents sample report. I want to load that rptone.rpt file using php.

With Crystal report, php 7.0.10, apache 42.4.33 and MySql 5.7.14 i have tried to connect/load crystal report file that is .rpt file using COM Object but it gives error

$my_report = "report/rptone.rpt";
$COM_Object = "CrystalReports115.ObjectFactory.1";
$objCom = new COM($COM_Object, "localhost", 0, "");
$crapp = $objCom->CreateObject("CrystalDesignRunTime.Application");
$creport = $crapp->OpenReport($my_report, 1);

This expected to be open rptone.rpt file that must show the report but this gives error as:

Fatal error: Uncaught com_exception: Failed to create COM object `CrystalReports115.ObjectFactory.1': Class not registered