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I know there are benchmarking programs that exist, but I've decided that as an exercise, I want to try and create some sort of simple benchmark program to test schedulers of my Raspberry Pi (CFQ, noop, deadline). I have been switching the schedulers and testing some linux commands using time …

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Hi, i have 2 pieces of code that i created, both of which do exactly the same thing and i am trying to benchmark them to see which is generally more efficient. As such i used the code suggested by perldoc in the following format: use Benchmark; $t0 = Benchmark->new; …

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Hello! I have coded a compression technique and I am having trouble in measuring the speed of it. I tried to generate log of start time and end time, but compression time of same file varies a lot under windows. That may be happening because other processes would be consuming …

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I discussed yesterday how to access to members of JavaScript objects? var obj = {a:1}; value = obj.a; value = obj['a']; value = obj.geta() Are there differences in speed while accessing with dot notation, key notation or more java-like getter function? But the more complete solution can found on [URL="http://united-coders.com/christian-harms/javascript-object-access-micro-benchmarks"]united-coders.com[/URL].

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Intel tomorrow will officially unveil a pair of dual-core mobile processors with its [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyper_threading]Hyper threading[/url] technology, adding to its x86 line a low cost chip with performance akin to that of the company's i7, Pentium 4 and Xeon parts. The Core i3 and Core i5 processors, [url=http://www.techshout.com/laptops/2010/05/leaked-hp-laptop-and-desktop-portfolio-for-ces-2010/]demonstrated by Hewlett-Packard[/url] and …

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I logged into my Google Analytics account tonight only to be presented with a new option: Benchmarking Beta. Apparently you can opt into a program that lets Google anonymously datamine all of your statistics. (At first you're always thinking why on earth you would want to opt into this.) However, …


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