Hello Marketers !

I try to build a digital strategy for a niche market, we already have some websites on this niches (5 000 000 uv/month).

But I would like to have a benchmark of community websites.

**Can you help me ? ** Please

I did some research and I already find this list :
- reddit
- digg
- car throlle
- starkoverflow
- Newsvine
- github
- daniweb

I'm french, and I do some research in the french market ( openclassroom, melty ... ).

I try to list the best practices, like login, emailing, social sharing, meta, seo, gamification...

Sorry for my english, but you know 'excusez moi'.



I'm sorry, I am really confused by what you're asking. I see you have a list of some of the bigger social media / community sites out there, especially ones targeting developers and technology early adopters. But, what are you trying to accomplish? Build a digital strategy for a niche market?? Can you elaborate what you mean by that?


I try to find the best way to create a huge community on a specific market.

We already have 1 site on the younger costumers like buzzfil but for a specific topic , the second for older people (35-60yo) on this topic too and another site with a great community of expert in this field.

But all this website have different brand / name / UX etc.

So i think it's better to rebuild the last site (community one's) and create an API who link the 2 news sites on this forum.

What do you think about it ?


I appreciate your efforts. Most valuable sites which you have gathered but I want to say you should target your own local market. This will help you to get more visitors locally.

But i have some serious issue about duplicate content.
Better used canonical ?

I think you are asking of the best ways to market your French site. Go for sites that cater your language or country so that it is related to your site.

Of course, content must be unique and logical. So that, visitors feels interested to visit website and be as a customer.

I stay focus on our native langage market. IOM we can take the best on an international benchmark, ux, ui, gamification...

Thx for this help.