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I have a Premium SEO Pack – Wordpress Plugin installed and with its Facebook planner, we are supposed to authorize app after providing the initial settings. I have provided all the settings correctly. Provided app id, app secret, app domain, site url (through add platform), settings->advanced->enabled browser OAuth login, provided …

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Hi i get all information what i need but i dont know how to get facebook profile image and save to file and in mysql save path. Here is my code for call fb api : <?php session_start(); include_once("config.php"); // facebook id include_once("includes/functions.php"); //destroy facebook session if user clicks reset …

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I want to do a redirection where a user enters their user name in the URL and redirects to their profile, like this: example.com/joe redirects example.com/profile.php?username=joe I want to do it like Facebook does

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Hi, i need a quick help to configure a Facebook app when i go to the Facebook address it is this in the screenshot a gray page everythig seems right but the game is not shown i’ve added this code to the index.php with the right ids but nothing if …

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I am making a cms for a booking app and the admin will be able to see the number of bookings at any moment. How can I do it so that the above updates continuously with ajax...like facebook newsfeed for example. So far the only ajax I have made is …

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I'd like to know if there is a simple way of retrieving the Cover photo from a user in my application, via the facebook php sdk. I managed to retrive the cover photo id of the album of the cover photo album, but my solution only works partially.(As you can …


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