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[ATTACH=RIGHT]16784[/ATTACH]Polyphony Digital has been working on Gran Turismo 5 for nearly six years, and finally, the game’s November 2010 release date is just around the corner. When the lead designer, Kazunori Yamauchi, told press at E3 that, "We've actually reached a point where we can probably release [GT5] anytime, except that you can also keep working as long as you want to as well, it's just a matter of timing”, what he should have said was that they were trying to cram as much content into the game as possible. Three new features were announced at the recent Gamescom conference …

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[ATTACH=RIGHT]16699[/ATTACH]EA's presentation at Gamescom 2010 today was full of new footage for sequels to some of their most popular titles. Bioware had some big reveals for their fans. For starters, here is the first official trailer for Dragon Age 2, for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. [youtube]_lqS1jNJBiE[/youtube] Next, they released a clip from Star Wars: The Old Republic, featuring the space combat feature, where players can recreate some of the classic moments from the movies. [youtube]vhdn9ey_Qg8[/youtube] Bioware also announced that Mas Effect 2 will finally be released for the PlayStation 3, in January 2011.

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