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Hi guys , I have run into a problem with jasper reports and dynamic reports , i'm just trying to generate a simple PDF from a List of beans fetched from Hibernate , when i try to generate PDF from Action , i get the following Error:NoSuchMethodFound:org.w3c.dom.Node.getTextContent()Ljava/lang/String; the method : …

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hello experts, I want to show .jrxml file in html div as a preview of created report. I am using eclipse luna and I was created a report in jasper soft studio 6.0. and i need to show this jrxml file in html <div> </div> So please help me. thank …

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Hi everyone, Please help me to register the sql query exceutor in netbeans and java. I am using ireport 5.5.1 and netbeans 8.0 with jdk 8. The problem is that when i run the reports within netbeans, they run but when i build the project and run it from a …

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01. I'm working on a school java project using Netbeans IDE. 02. I need to display IReport in a JPanel Placed inside a JFrame with a button Click. 03. To Create the IReport I used ReportView Class downloaded from the Internet & in the button click Event I have following …

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I have created an application with report features. report features is created via iReport My application also contains a reports folder containing all .japser files Here is the code public MyiReportViewer(InputStream stream,HashMap parameter) { this(); try { /* load the required JDBC driver and create the connection here JDBC Type …

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HI I had generate a report with IREPORT 3.7 . I have now a .jasper file. I would want to be able to execute (show) it with a jsp file or servlet. My generated report not use sql queries, only it need 2 parameters. i think to pass these parameters …

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Hey guys, not sure what thread to put this in, please direct me to the correct one if this one isn't it. I'm struggling with a sub report in iReports. I have a report that selects from a MSSQL database, and uses a sub report to do a select from …

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Hi, I'm using JasperReports in netbeans, on Ubuntu. When I execute my java application on netbeans I have no problem saving the reports, but when I clean and build the program, and run it from the .jar, the program can't save the reports. I don't know if that's because of …

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Doing a System in Drupal - coding with php and mysql - want to know how i can integrate jasper reports to it so i can generate reports at the click of a button.. does anyone know? please help..

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Hi, I've been giving this little problem of mine a lot of thought and I cant seem to figure out a way to solve it. I'm creating an information system (for a college assignment). The system I've created uses java, and it is able to generate reports (which I use …

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i want to send value to another jsp page from sessions i add the attribute session=true in both jsp pages but i am getting error during running mode can u find any errors in code [B]try123.jsp[/B] [CODE]<% String val=(String)session.getAttribute("itemValue").toString(); %> <TD>IMAGE NAME</TD> <TD><INPUT TYPE=text NAME="img" VALUE="<%=val%>"></TD> </TR> <tr>[/CODE] [B]try.jsp[/B] [CODE]String …

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Microsoft has kept it fairly quiet, no press releases or launch trumpeting, but it now looks like the Xbox 360 has been upgraded with the new Jasper motherboard. The new Xbox 360 has been spotted in the wild by the eagle eyed [URL="http://www.xbox-scene.com"]Xbox Scene[/URL] chaps and as a result we …


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