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The pandemic has presented everyone with unique challenges. For me, it became particularly hard to switch to online grocery shopping. When I do my shopping offline, I usually don’t have to plan much, moving through the isles and picking up stuff as I go. It’s rare that I forget something, …

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My question is this: I'm trying to practice PHP. I use OpenElement as my editor. You can get to know this program through this website: https://www.openelement.com/ Problem is: when I preview the page (with PHP in it) it doesn't display text produced by PHP, but instead it produces the PHP …

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As you noticed by the title I didn't used the term “know” since I find it more ambiguous then “you can code in”. To keep answers short lets limit ourselves to five languages at most , have the same list for strongest and weakest points and mention those point in …

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Im new at programming i started learning Visual Basic today to start things off because i plan on going to college for this type of thing. I was just curious, which type of coding/language do you use to write and create Smart-phone apps in my case Blackberry apps. I know …

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I'm trying to remember the name of a site - *pretty sure it was a wiki* - where you post different ways of writing the same program in different languages. I. E. writing "Hello World" or heap sorts in C, C++, Java, Haskell, etc. My google-fu is failing me, so …

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Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional, using C#, with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. I have been tasked with taking an existing application, and making changes so that it can receive multiple languages in its text boxes without needing to configure ahead of time what language is to be used. …

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[This post](http://joelgrus.com/2013/12/24/why-programming-language-x-is-unambiguously-better-than-programming-language-y/) by Joel Grus is both insightful and highly entertaining. Make sure to read the comments which are also witty and amusing.

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when trying to output the string of a variable to a text file, the string try's to run and therefore pops up like this, %localDrive% 2>>fileCompare.log 'C:' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Any ideas?

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Heeey guys!! Where's the forum for Batch Scripting!?!? Imma noob if it's Shell Scripting... ~~Zephyr

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hello ! i want to know if there is any programming language to develop desktop applications which can not be decomplie any way .as i am currently working in .net , and it is very easy to decompile .net code . is there is any other language which is safe …

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Hey guys, I've been doing python programming as basically my sole programming language for about a year and have learned a lot (obviously still learning more everyday). I do a lot of computational work so I'm forced to do a lot of bash scripting as well, although I have made …

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[B]Why are programming languages dissimilar even if they go after the similar compilation procedure?[/B] [I]>>>elaborate on the compiler design part NOT on the Structure/Concept of Programming language side<<<[/I]

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Basically i'm looking at doing a computer science degree then going on to work in the IT industry. I was wondering what the best languages to know are as i really cannot be bothered learning loads. Trying to limit it to maybe 3 or 4 with a decent knowledge of …

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So for my project, I am doing my coding on Python and mainly C++, then I have a GUI interface form made on VB, so how do I link all these things together for a final product? PS: Someone told me about DLL's I don't know what that is, could …

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[B]Please help... I need an algorithm for generate sudokus. i searched in the web, but there´s only algorithms in action scrip, java, c, c# or c++, i need it in scheme... why is so difficult find help for scheme expressions ´n algorithms?? if there someone who can give me a …

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Hello frnds, I just learnt ASP.NET and have some knowledge of C++ language Now I want to develop a simple User Interface (Windows application ) which should be able to communicate with a database, to check whether any activity has to be done on the particular time, if any activity …

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like for a regular menu it would be: [CODE]def menu(list, question): for entry in list: print 1 + list.index(entry), print ") " + entry return input(question) - 1 items = ["bookcase", "sleeping dog", "couch", "closet", "rug", "door"][/CODE] [COLOR="Red"]How to create a menu to where when you entered 1 for bookcase …

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The other day, when involved in a lengthy text-based chat session with a coworker, I realized (for the first time perhaps) that we need a smarter chat client. I spent a great deal of time and energy attempting to explain a relatively simple concept to my coworker, when it occurred …

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Does the wikipedia entry below, list most of the languages you would need to know to build your own app for the iphone OS, Symbian, BlackBerry and Android? And will I just have to learn them or can I use a company other than Medl Mobile? [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_development[/url]

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I devlop a web sites i want to change to differnce languages like urdu , arabic , sindhi please i want a software or online tranlators

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Learning a language online via skype or Messenger is the new tecnology, that provides you with all the knowledge and comfort of the XXI century. In the era of Iphone, laptop etc. even learning a language should be easy and less effortless.Share with me your opinions on the matter.

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