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I am a learning programming. My main languages are php & javascript. I was wondering if javascript(maybe with html5) could be enough to create a wix.com type wysiwyg or not, does it require a total other language like c++ or java , rubi ? or something of the sort.

I have seen some javascript drag ang drop thingys before...

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There are a ton of javascript tools / api's out there to do just about anything you want. Use PHP on the server and HTML/JS on the client. Use PHP to build up the output strings with HTML and JS and then send them in a single message to the client - much more efficient than the techniques many web developers use which have WAY too many back-and-forth conversations between client and server, resulting in really bad performance and latencies.


If you want to create your own WYSIWYG editor, you need javascript. No need for server-side languages. However creating your own WYSIWYG editor or layout editor is not a beginner's project. More like intermediate level (or even advanced - if developing tight OOP code).


There is knowledge and knowledge that has been applied. These two things are very different , yes you need a good background in HTML CSS JavaScript , but you should have worked with them in order to really understand. Recently we had to much question from folks that didn't made any work in their questions (how would be possible to know what they are asking ? ) . To built a site that “builds sites” is not only matter for UI (User Interface , CSS / JS / HTML ) is also a server side matter. Do you really want to invest time in that ? Start learning programming and than make few projects your own.

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