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[B]intro: [/B]i'm a 19yr old in 3rd yr doing btech in computer science. i chose to graduate in that coz i was interested in computers and programming,not like other brickheads wanting to do mba after a technical graduation. ok, in the last 2 yrs i've progressed only as much to …

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Open source software is being taken seriously as a viable alternative to expensive proprietary applications but it's important to realize that, like its commercial brethren, it comes with a license for use. It's also important to remember that all open source licensing is not created equal. Free software licensing is …

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Since Microsoft announced that they had reached the 20 million mark of Windows Vista licenses, people have been criticizing the numbers, and rumors have been swirling that the numbers are straight-out made up. Recently, [URL="http://www.pcmag.com"]PCMag[/URL] published an article stating how the numbers did not add up with Vista sales. Microsoft …

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