Been awhile since I've been on DanWeb. Anyway, I wont to move a music license from my computer to another. I have acquired the license from http://www.directsong.com and I was wondering where the license is located on my drive. I would rather not use another license from this product, as I only have a few. Thanks in advance for any help or information given.

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Is this a windows media player licence?

If so somewhere in its menus there is an option to backup your licences


Thanks a lot. Now I was testing to see if I could restore the licenses via wmp. I got an error and this could be that I am ftesting from a computer that already has a copy of the licenses I am trying ot restore, or my firewall is blocking the windows server wma trys to connect to when restoring. I'll come back with an update if I get past it, but any help would be appreciated.


Ok I have found them in the registry and it works when I backup those files and place them in the registry of the second computer. Can now listen to the music freely without this license pest. Thanks for the help.

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