Hello Community, I have been looking for a facebook news feed api, i couldn't find one. All i could find is bits of script for construct my own news feed api. So thats what i did and i thought i might share the script with you it's a bit messy but it works. Here is how t use it: 1. Goto https://www.facebook.com/developers and login. 2. Click "Create New App". ![6ecbba8247b18cca50e467f8ce0063b1](/attachments/small/3/6ecbba8247b18cca50e467f8ce0063b1.png) 3. Enter an app name i've used "NewsFeed" make sure it's valid then leave app namespace blank and web hosting un-ticked then click "Continue". ![6cf853eeb15bfc42f6953659d6a43676](/attachments/large/3/6cf853eeb15bfc42f6953659d6a43676.png "6cf853eeb15bfc42f6953659d6a43676") 4. Then copy and …

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