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I have encountered some difficulty while checking seo report of a site. Which is the best tool for exact tracking?

futurmagnussen commented: I don't thing there is one i used almost mentioned in videos recommendations i don't think they all give an accurate results +0

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there are none
the algorithm is more closely guarded than gold
subscribe to google webmaster tool, and use instructions by google personalised to your site
google: because nobody else' opinions matter

You won't catch me saying this often but may I suggest you Google it?

My reasoning is this: any SEO expert with a greater understanding of ranking factors than another is more likely to out rank them in search results. Q.E.D. So the best SEO tools are among those found at the top of Google's search results. Have you tried the first page?

Google webmaster tool is the best one to track the exact links to a website.

Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Webmaster tool these three tools are best SEO tool used to track exact ranking

My experience Google Webmaster Tool is the best SEO tool used to track exact ranking.

Since Google never reveals its algorithm, SEO is absolutely based on hit and trial. There’s no way to analyze anything for its effectiveness before it is implemented on your website. Also, the strategies floating around the internet do not promise to provide your website with a better ranking. They might have worked for some websites in the past, but whether they will be able to help you is questionable. No one, absolutely no one, can provide you with a foolproof strategy. This makes the analysis of your site all the more crucial. Never be afraid of making mistakes in SEO, as learning from the mistakes is the only way to master Search Engine Optimization.

Tracking your ranking can easily be achieved by inserting the keyword you are willing to rank for in the Google search bar and hitting enter. However, what elements of your site provided the ranking? Has your ranking improved or not? Are you required to change your strategy? In order to analyze all these factors, you are required to take help from an effective SEO tool.

I will mention some of those tools, but I won’t recommend using all of them. Instead, you must spend quite some time in order to check what all things they have to offer. Once you are done with your research, choose the tool that you think best satisfies your needs:

  • Ahrefs

  • Answer The Public

  • SpyFu

  • Google Search Console

  • KWFinder

  • Moz Pro

  • Ubersuggest

Now that you have the list go ahead with your research. Also, if you come across any better tools than my recommendation, please, make us all aware of them.

There are no SEO tools that I know of that can be used to gauge content quality, which corresponds to Google's Core Algorithm updates. In terms of SEO tools that are used to rank backlink strength, the most popular metrics are Ahrefs DR (Domain Rank) and UR (URL Rank), or Moz DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). DR and DA are pretty much industry standard in the off-page SEO industry.

There are plently of SEO tools available in the market ranging from unpaid to paid services. It depends upon your business needs and your budget. Here I've found some popular SEO tools:

1. Semrush - It is a ranking tool which monitors the ranking of websites along with other functions.
2. Ahrefs - This tool can be especially used for keyword research and ranking as well. It provides useful insights into competitor's website as well. You can find ranking based on geolocations
3. Moz - It offers a Rank tracker tool to track website ranking. This website can be used to find DA, PA of other websites as well.
4. Adgully - You can also checkout Adgully for news and updates. It's a firm that offers Digital marketing services.

In the past I used keyword.com

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