Apparently a new feature in Google Chrome is to automatically generate AI content. All I need to do is start typing a sentence or two here in this textbox, right click, select "Help Me Write", choose if I want it to be short-form or long-form text, be formal or casual in tone, and let Chrome work its magic ...

For those of you who know my stance on ChatGPT when it comes to posts on DaniWeb, you know I don't see this as a good thing. I feel as if it's just going to be the start of AI-generated drivel overshadowing high-quality content written by industry experts.

Johannes C. commented: Dead Internet will be real xD +0

I recall seeing this on Bing and Edge as well.

It shouldn't be long till Apple turns it on in Safari.

Let me share a tip about search today. Use “before:2023" at the beginning of your search string. You get a completely different set of results which won't include AI generated content.

commented: Nice tip! +0

Meanwhile, in other news, Google's huge March algorithm update, that is still going out, is focused hard and heavy on cutting out all AI-generated content from the search results. So, on one hand, you have Google making it super easy to churn out AI-generated content on the web, and on the other hand, you have Google churning their wheels trying to figure out efficient ways to cut out all AI-generated content on the web.

commented: This sounds like Google is suffering from a bipolar disorder. :O +0
commented: Afaik so far the Google update shook up some rankings, but for some reason really bad AI-generated content still outranks legit stuff in many cases +0

For users who are tired of seeing AI-generated content on Google, a simple fix is to write "before:2023" in front of search queries. Gets rid of all the "let's-delve-into-the-rich-tapestry..." BS.

commented: Didn’t rproffitt just say that 2 posts up? +0
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