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Last week a group of six 'm-commerce' experts took part in a round robin discussion in Manchester, England to determine the best ways forward for developers interested in creating a serious mobile web presence yet wanting to make money through the medium of mobile advertising at the same time. Anyone who has been involved in this particular area of Internet growth will appreciate just what a serious challenge the mobile web presents to those who have not invested, in thought and deed as much as financially, in getting to grips with a realistic m-commerce marketing strategy. Unless you are creative …

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[URL="http://www.twitter.com"]Twitter[/URL] has gone on a charm offensive, after buying Tweetie and announcing it's going to make its own URL shortener and users won't get the choice about whether or not to use it. We are still nice guys, they're saying, and you'll still be able to work with us. I'm sure they mean it. Equally I'm sure they shouldn't be issuing reassurances in this way. Let's drill down a little and ask who or what Twitter is for. The users? No. The developers? No. It needs the first of those groups, certainly, but like all private businesses it's actually there …

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The End.