I have heard about this Internet Marketing for years now, How can you make some profit while sitting on your desktop? Thank you for your shared knowledge :)

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If you want your business promotion or success through Internet then only Internet Marketing will help you to get your business success. You can have more clients by Internet marketing.

I have heard about this Internet Marketing for years now, How can you make some profit while sitting on your desktop? Thank you for your shared knowledge :)

First off, I hope you're not actually sitting on your desktop!

On topic though: do you actually have something to market? Online marketing is simply traditional marketing adapted to the technologies and rigors of the Internet. You need to actually have something to market in order to perform online marketing.

Knowing what products you're trying to promote, or at least what *types* of products, would help us in guiding you in the right direction.

You make a site and place ads on it or you sell products via affiliate marketing.
After that you start promoting the site. The visitor comes to the site clicks the ad or buys the product and you make money.

Yes, you can earn while doing online marketing. Start the blog and promote these well. As you get traffic, you may invite postings. If you are an experienced professional, you may deal with many brands selling almost similar natured products.

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How can you make some profit while sitting on your desktop?<

You cannot. as long as you have nothing to offer. For a 'regular' Type Firm, online Business is usually an 'Add-On' to an existing Business. In few cases, Online Startups have made their way, but most where and are based on something 'real'. Still, without profound 'knowledge', there is no survival for a business, not in real live, not in the Internet.

To start a Business requires a great Idea, lots of Power, some financial reserves as well as business talent. Plus, as more as one can do by him- or herself, as less dependent one will be from others. But, Optaining a free Machine makes no Business, if there is nothing to produce. Same with Software.

Use a SEO? What for? Keep the money, learn it! Billions of Pages are waiting to be looked at, from behind! It's all in the Source Code, clearly to see.

If a Site has a good made Header (Source) Section as well as 'real' Content, Google & Co. will place the Site, regardless of Adsense or whatever, in good positions, without paying anything to anybody. It is also very easy to 'check' highly ranked Site Page Source and learn, how they did it. I run a rather simple PR4 Site I did not even know of the Rank, but beeing Google's friend from it's beginning, they may have used 'my style' to set the Standards... (now this was a joke!)

Try start to 'think', as beeing a Visitor and potential Customer, not as Seller, when creating ComCom Web Pages. (community-commercial) What would you look for, when going trough a Site, do you like to be bothered by Ads, Banners, Flashing Stuff, moving side-line Gizmos, etc., all crab, just keeping you from finding fast, what your'e actually looking for?

More, to make Pages fully 'visible', sometimes, one is even forced to loosen up all security settings on Browsers, just to, again, find Ad's, Banner placements or lately even Google 'Ajax' type Script Login Routines..., like here on this Site, what a Bummer....

No matter what you present on your Pages. Keep Garbage like Counters, Stats, Webrings,
out! Google & Co. cannot read Scripts, create Google/Bing/Yahoo standard Sitemaps and register them to have all pages indexed. Have NO Images without extensive and individual ALT="blahblah" + TITLE="blahblah" Text-Information, or TEXT href-Links, always containing the <A TITLE="blahblah" HREF="blah.html"> Text "Information Line"!

Things like those will help to get indexed well. But keep it easy, keep it clean, keep it informative, keep it updated.

In short: No learn , no work, no success. 

There is no (legal) way around it.

So much to this from an old source coder...

Good Luck

Sorry for Style, english is not my native language

Internet marketing helps you in posting ads if you have website with high rank you can get good profits.

I sell goods online, and I have customers who repeatedly come to me and have become friends. You need to have something to offer people. Then, you can approach them and show them the value of what you offer. Customers want value for their money, if you can offer something they want at a good price, they will buy from you, otherwise, they will just leave your site and keep on going.

Pick a niche, what you want to promote, find something you think you can do and go for it. On the internet it's all about education. Here are some free books that will help - 7 Free Reports. Also, you can make a fully automated site with autoresponders and everything Here. I hope these help. Get educated before pouring a bunch of money into marketing.

Hi,When done correctly, internet marketing is almost guaranteed to generate more leads, sales and business in general for your company. Many internet marketing companies are all about traffic and rankings.

IM is a best way to market your brand or product simply by sitting infront of system. If you possess your own business, you can market it by yourself, orelse you can do it for your clients to earn money.

Internet Marketing This is the real way to build own lifestyle buisnes

Thank you for the kind words and shred knowledge guys. I appreaciate all the effort to respond.

Internet marketing can give you huge benefit and earning if you work in the right direction, I would suggest do anything related to your skills, it would help of course.

It is true that if any business want to get success then internet marketing is only the best option to become a popular and auccessful. Internet marketing is the way to promote business products or offers globally and can easily gain the profit through it.

Promote anything related to your skills, it would help in earning, there is no doubt to it really.


In recent years internet marketing has become to play a very vital role in promoting products and services online and in revenue generation. Online businesses are growing rapidly in the market. Starting with affiliate marketing is a great option to make money online. Affiliate marketing promoting other peoples products and a marketer earns a commission in return.
I like using affiliate marketing, to promote my business and to make money from internet marketing. Affiliate marketing is a sure way to make money online. There is no cost for joining an affiliate program and with a computer and internet connection anyone can do this, whether a college student or a retired individual. The best part is there are no set hours and we can work in our spare time.
For more detailed information about affiliate programs refer to http://www.openwebsitetutorials.com/948/how-to-find-an-affiliate-program-to-promote/

There are many programs which lead you to earn money from home in which one is called affiliate marketing you have get tranning. One I know is best home business finder which find a job for your.

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