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I'm not sure why...but everything just started appearing more than once on my T.V and there are lines going across in two's... DLP Projection TV Specifications Screen Size 62" diagonal Screen Aspect 16:9 Displayable Colors 16.77 million colors Data Signals (N/A) TV Scan Lines 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i Input Terminals …

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I have a macbook dual loaded with both osx and windows xp. So I only ever need to carry around one laptop, makes things easy. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good portable projector I could hook to my macbook. This way I don't have to carry …

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I recently bought a new tv for my upstairs room and replaced my old projector/CRT TV. I still wish to use my old speakers on my new tv, but there are no ports on the back of my new tv that would allow me to connect the speakers. Below are …

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Hello, In my program I have clipping planes setup for 60 degree field of view. I understand that near plane is in front of the camera and the far plane is further away from the camera. I would like to have a large field of view, let' say more than …


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