How I would catalog police video. Play it fast forward and record that (just like movie pirates do) then post the results on the net. 4 hours of video down to 15 minutes. After that do a complete archive where the video is shown at fast forward or slow motion with the important parts being played forward and backward a number of times along with some text comments as to the action. The whole privacy concerns are a pathetic attempt to derail video recordings. Everybody is sexting these days. The only ones to benefit from restricting video are the perpetrators. …

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Hey everyone! It has been a very long time since I posted, but I have a new question for you guys. So, I made a sort of "remote-desktop" program that allows me to move the mouse from another computer. However, the mouse will move to where I want it but it will either be really choppy or just loose the connection. Here is how it works, so you guys can poke and prod at it. Server-Receiving [CODE] While True Dim clientListener As New TcpListener(8585) Dim clientListener2 As New TcpListener(8000) Dim clientListener3 As New TcpListener(5000) clientListener.Start() clientListener2.Start() clientListener3.Start() Dim mySocket As …

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The End.